Therapists and Educators: How to add our worksheets to your CRATE of Resources

Therapists and Educators: How to add our worksheets to your CRATE of Resources

At CRATE Resources we know that most educators and therapists will already have a wide variety of resources in their magic bag or CRATE, as we like to call it! 

Over the past 10 years, working with many children, we found that simply finding worksheets with a common theme was difficult. Add in making them culturally appropriate (seasons, animals, language) and it was an almost impossible mission! In our experience, reluctant writers would become disengaged quickly when presented with anything they did not instantly connect with. 

When designing these worksheets, we have used Australian animals as our theme throughout to provide the child with familiarity, recognition and repetition with different activities. The foundation for this, when learning to recognise and write letters, children need repetition for success. Recognition gives them relatability, creating a level of ownership, which in turn creates higher levels of engagement, another huge contributor to success for children.

As an educator or therapist we suggest bundles of each category are downloaded to use with larger groups or for variety in an individual setting. The whole class or therapy group can be working on the same worksheet, but with an animal that resonates with them personally. 

The bundles can be broken down into individual animals and combined with other worksheets to provide an ongoing theme. We have structured our bundles so you can mix and match your choices, yet they will still make sense as a kit.

Start adding our worksheets to your CRATE of Resources here!

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