At Crate Resources we strive to provide well designed worksheets for therapists, educators and parents to use with children of all abilities. 

Our products have been developed right here in Australia. Our aim is to provide you with high quality, well designed worksheets - wherever you're located.

Worksheets for therapy, schools and home should be engaging, culturally appropriate, enjoyable and most importantly fun to use! Our worksheets encourage repetition, allowing children to develop skills important for reading, writing and confidence in their own ability.

We understand writing is a complex multi-sensory task and visual perception is an essential developmental skill critical to successful reading, spelling and writing.

Did you know visual perceptual skills peak during adolescence?

The most effective time for remediation and strengthening visual perception starts during preschool and continues throughout the primary school years.

This is the critical time to work with children and encourage a lifelong love of reading and writing.

Developed by an experienced Australian Occupational Therapist (and mum!) our Founder has worked in a variety of settings here in Australia and overseas.

After working directly with children, their families and educators in both large towns and rural and remote communities in NSW for the last 10 years it became apparent there was a real need for access to good quality resources and early intervention options.

Finding worksheets to engage students already struggling at school was difficult.

 As a result, CRATE Resources was born.

The team at CRATE Resources hope you enjoy our Australian themed resources!

We would love your feedback and are happy to answer your questions, please get in touch here.


    Developed by an Australian Occupational Therapist with over 25yrs experience who has also worked directly with children, families and educators for the last 10 years.


    Created using a variety of beautifully drawn Australian animals.


    Easy to download and use straight away! Print and use as many times as you like after purchase.

  • “Humans had proven to be unusually good at learning to recognize visual patterns; we internalize our alphabets so well we don’t even have to think about reading once we’ve learned how to do it.”  Author: Steven Johnson

  • “Learning to see and create visual images must also be recognized as essential to the learning process” – Bette Fetter- Educator

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