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CRATE Early Years Combination – 3-4 yrs

CRATE Early Years Combination – 3-4 yrs

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 CRATE Early Year Combination 3-4yrs is designed for those about to start their writing journey. EIGHT BUNDLES  of worksheets (six pages in each bundle) for hours of fun.

  • Colouring in basic shapes
  • Dot to dot 1-10
  • Match the same
  • Draw basic shapes
  • Drawing lines (one bundle each) - draw lines across, draw lines down , draw diagonal lines Left to Right and draw diagonal lines Right to Left

Each of our worksheet combinations have been developed for a specific age level, which won't be appropriate for all children, but it is a good guide for most.

Choose from animals that Swim and Fly or Animals that Live on Land, download, print and have fun!

These worksheets are NOT a physical product, no item will be shipped to you. Upon purchase you will receive an instant download of your chosen resource files in high quality pdf format - 8 sets of 6 x A4 worksheets each featuring a different activity. A cover page with suggestions and tips for use is also included with each set. They have been designed to easily be printed on your home or office printer.

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