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Visual Discrimination - Count + Match

Visual Discrimination - Count + Match

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 Visual discrimination is the ability to see the similarities or differences in objects and is a foundation skill for all visual perceptual development. Visual perception is a developmental skill necessary for successful reading and spelling.

As visual discrimination develops, you will see your child start to match and sort objects by size, shape, colour, number etc.

These worksheets for ages 2-4yrs and 4-6yrs allow for young children to practice their visual discrimination skills by matching* or counting the animals that are the same.

The more advanced worksheets (see Visual Form Constancy section) for ages 6-8yrs ask children to search and count the items that are the same, but which may look a little different to each other.

Choose from animals that Swim and Fly or Animals that Live on Land, download, print and have fun!

These worksheets are NOT a physical product, no item will be shipped to you. Upon purchase you will receive an instant download of your chosen resource files in high quality pdf format - 6* x A4 worksheets each featuring a different Australian Animal. A cover page with suggestions and tips for use is also included. They have been designed to easily be printed on your home or office printer.

*The "Match" packs include an extra 2 bonus worksheets, giving you 8 x pages in total.

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