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Visual Form Constancy - Same or Different?

Visual Form Constancy - Same or Different?

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 Visual Form Constancy is the ability to recognise the same form or shape even if it has been made smaller/larger, has been turned around or is upside down. This visual discrimination skill allows the child to recognise shapes, numbers, and letters even if the font or size changes. Visual perception is a developmental skill necessary for successful reading and spelling.

Difficulties in the classroom include reversal of letters, difficulty changing from capitals to lower case and copying from the board.

These more advanced worksheets for ages 6-8yrs ask children to search and count the items that are the same, but may look different to each other.

 Choose from animals that Swim and Fly or Animals that Live on Land, download, print and have fun!

These worksheets are NOT a physical product, no item will be shipped to you. Upon purchase you will receive an instant download of your chosen resource files in high quality pdf format - 6 x A4 worksheets each featuring a different Australian Animal. A cover page with suggestions and tips for use is also included. They have been designed to easily be printed on your home or office printer.

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