Welcome to CRATE Resources, we understand writing is a complex task and there can be a wide variety of developmental levels in each classroom. We aim to assist those children with mild delays within a busy classroom to participate in writing activities. Warming up the brain, hand and eyes is important to enable focus. Repetition and success can enable memory and provide positive feedback therefore increasing confidence to participate. 

These resources can be used as a ‘warm up’ pre-writing activity for the whole class or as part of a differentiated program for small groups or individuals who may find getting started in writing activities difficult. 

Curriculum areas: Write legibly, write left to right, top to bottom, Identify spatial features of print. Produce all lowercase and capital letters to create texts. Living things can be plants or animals.

The team at CRATE Resources hope you enjoy our Australian themed resources which have been  developed in rural NSW. We would love your feedback so please get in touch here

Still not sure which worksheets are best for you? Simply choose your favourite animal/s and give them all a try with our Parents Pack!